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panic in detroit (roll the R) [Jan. 10th, 2004|04:35 pm]
The Underground


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crossposting again
for my take on the bowie detroit concert last night..

he played for two and a half hours by the way.. the encore itself was forty five minutes

okay the show started with the background screen playing like a computer digital bowie and band thing that was more cartoony if anything.. and they were playing harmonica and doing a messed up version of heroes on the video screen. then the band and bowie came out and rocked REBEL REBEL~!! it was god awful amazing.. and they basically did everything you could ever ask for..

cept golden years... of course. hmmm......

oh and they played panic in detroit which bowie said "this is our first time doing this one on the tour and rightly so" something alone those lines.. and when he sang detroit he rolled the Rs and stuff like he was a french man or something..

oh god his performance of lets dance he started out all amazingly slow and fucked up.. and then he broke into in and everytime he sang the "into my arms trembling like a..." he did this amazing quivery arms held up towards his chest thing.. oooh god..
hallo spaceboi rocked major socks..

dude his encore alone was FORTY FIVE MINUTES!!!

i was in row fifteen. and im really short.. so i had to stand on the chair but i got told to get down.. so i balanced on the bars of my chair and the chair in front of me on my toes cuz it wasnt as tall as the seat but still gave me a heads up.... bowie is just wow..

he did this dance thing where he writhed around and grabbed his crotch!! FANCY THAT!! and then he switched and grabbed it with the other paw and writhed around...

and dorsey did the under pressure duet with him. and her voice was wow...

and uh.. lets see.. lets see.. he told us why he used to perform with his leg way back.. had something to do with when little richard was on tour with.. nevermind im not gonna tell you cuz if he tells you at the show youre going too that will ruin it for you.. but wow.. amazing show...

he played five years on a twelve string for us

and let me just say that his voice was perfect right on amazing.. weeeepin bunnie.... i must see him again i must. must simply must...........

stupid audience didnt even start singing along until WHAM BAM THANKYOU MAM!! how stupid is that? losers.. i was screaming my lungs off. haha.. and yeah. dude. he let us sing all the young dudes with him... and he did im afraid of americans with us.. and he did while light white heat...

and he did a lot of songs from reality... im trying to remember im sure he did at least five... maybe six.. hmmm think think

and cactus wow when he did cactus.. wow there i shared lots of details... lotsa just for you haha.. i should post this everywhere now so that its not just for you.... hehe

enjoy! mwuah

[User Picture]From: frankiefoofoo
2005-06-15 09:42 pm (UTC)
Was that the Reality Tour? because I have the dvd... hehe.
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[User Picture]From: soft_shoulder
2005-06-17 05:51 pm (UTC)
yes it was the reality tour
i have the dvd of the tour too

but not of the detroit show.. i dont know that they will release one
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